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Listing a domain name on this website is completely free, signup for a free account now and start listing your domain names.
At the moment we do not charge anything to list or to sell a domain name. We do not provie any negotiation, escrow or fanancial services. In the future this may change though, but if it does, you will be made aware when you sell a domain name and will be able to either use our escrow service or to use another escrow and payment service.
We are free at the moment, we want to build our customer base up, so we have decided to absorb the cost of the servers ourselves and provide a free service. Don'f forget, we do not provide any other services other than listing of the domain names, so you may need to pay escrow services and/or transaction or transfer fees.
With all online transactions you need to take precautions. Whenever you make any purchase online, make sure you are dealing with someone reputable and protect yourself by using a reputable Escrow service. These will hold the buyers payment and only release the payment to the seller once the domain transfer has completed. We recommend using a service provided by called "Bring your own seller" This only costs 5% of the sale price (normal fees can be upto 25% of the buy price). Log into your account and on the left navigation bar, click Sales, then there should be a button called: Add new lead.
We recommend using to handle the domain name payments and domain transfer process.
  • The service you need to use is called: "Bring your own seller".
  • This service only costs 5% of the domain sale price (normal fees can be upto 25% of the buy price if the buyer originates on their system).
  • To do this, log into your account and on the left navigation bar, click Sales, then there should be a button called: "Add new lead".
  • Here you can list your sellers details and the domain name and they will contact the buyer with payment and transfer instructions.
From here, will take the payment for the domain from the buyer, they will also take ownership of the domain name from the seller and make the domain transfer to the buyer and release the payment to the seller.
When listing your domain names with us, you will have a unique link to the domain name listing page but you can also point your domain name to the for sale page by simply updating your Nameservers at your registrar.
Set your nameservers to:
This will show anyone who checks the Whois of your domain name that your domain name is listed for sale on this website.
We record the domain you want to sell. We also tell our server to listen out for traffic originating from your domain name so it will resolve and redirect to your listing page. You can choose to list the domain name with a buy now price or a minimum offer price. We can list a domain name with the option to contact the seller to get a private sale price. Please make sure your contact details are up to date and allow emails from us.
A seller may list a domain name for sale and want to prevent getting low or meaningless offers, to help prevent this, they can list a domain name with a minimum offer price. Please note that this does not mean they will sell for this minimum price, it is just to prevent low offers.
As a guide, when making an offer is you should think, would you sell the domain name for that offer if you owned the domain?
We are a free service at the moment and therefore do not provide any guarantees. All buyers must protect themselves by using an Escrow service. We do not currently provide this. Please insist your seller uses an Escrow service.
We have a detailed faq on this page that references using for payment and domain transfer services, please read this.
By using a domain name escrow service they will ensure that the transaction progresses smoothly. Please read all the faq's on this page, especially about the bring your own seller services provided by
We do not provide any transaction support services at this time.
Every time a domain name listing page is viewed, a counter is incremented by 1.
This view could be from a potential buyer, a search engine checking the page content, or any other kind of bot. This counter should only be used as a guide as to how popular a domain names is. The counter is an indication of the average monthly views this domain name has had and is updated daily on a rolling basis.